Submitting Special Offers

Special Offers are some of the most frequented pages of any website when consumers are focused on getting a “deal” and on making the most of their hard-earned dollars. Special offers should clearly represent a value to the consumer. We have a Special Offers page under the “Where to Stay” navigation. We can also host special offers for dining, attractions and activities if we have multiple offers to display.

Special Offers for accommodations:
  • Should be time-sensitive
  • Should include post-from and post-to dates (display dates) for the offer to be live on the website
  • Should include redeem-to and redeem-from dates (valid dates)
  • Should include a complete description of the offer
  • Should include a price point and clearly-defined added value as well as a promotional code (if possible, for simplicity and tracking) to facilitate booking the special offer.

If there are any restrictions to the offer they must be included (example: valid only Monday to Thursday).

Keep in mind that while the general public may research special offers online, some may choose to call you directly to book the offer so make sure to include a telephone number.

A special offer could also be a package which includes accommodations and something else such as an attraction, activity, or amenity (champagne and breakfast in bed if a romance package). The special offer should also be displayed on your own website so the offer can be linked directly to what the consumer is looking for.

  • Stay 2 nights get the 3rd night free. Booking window: January 1–31, 2021. Valid for travel January 5–February 28, 2021. Promotional code: 2Stay3. (This offer has no price point but the value is clear).
  • Midweek Special: Booking window: January 15–February 15, 2021. City View rooms $89.00.
  • Sundown Dinner Special - August 1 - 31, 2021 - Special menu with $19.95 pricing for a 3 course dinner when complete party seated before 6pm.
  • Museum Summer Special - August 1 - September 31, 2021: Buy 2 admission tickets - get the 3rd one free. Promo code: SUM23 must be mentioned at the time of reservation or when booking online.

Images are required for any offer. Please note: we do not accept logos, flyers, or images with text. You must have the rights/permissions to use all images you submit. Landscape-oriented photos with a 72 dpi resolution and a size of at least 800 pixels wide by 433 pixels tall are optimal. Be creative!

Each special offer submitted will be pending until approved by the VCB marketing staff. We reserve the right to deny the approval or edit the submission. If we have questions, need clarification, or have recommendations to improve the offer, we will reach out to you.

Submitting a Special Offer:
  1. After you click on Special Offers under the Collateral menu, you will be presented with your business's offers (if any). The pencil icon will allow you to edit an existing offer. By clicking the eyeball icon, you can view the existing offer. The clone icon will allow you to duplicate an offer.
    Creating a Special Offer - Image 1
  2. You can also create a new offer by clicking the ADD OFFER button.
    Creating a Special Offer - Image 2
  3. When you view, edit, or add an offer, you can quickly scroll to a section on the page by clicking the links on the left side of the page.  If you are viewing an offer, the button in the top left will say Edit.  If you are editing an offer, the top left button will say Save. As with listings, you have the ability to attach images to your offers.
    Creating a Special Offer - Image 3
  4. Offer Information: The Offer Title will display on your deal. The Offer Link will link to the offer posted on your website. The Offer Text should be a brief description of the deal.
  5. Offer Image: Please choose the image to accompany your special offer.
  6. Offer Dates:
    1. Redeem From and To = dates the offer is valid.
    2. Post From and To = dates to display the offer.
  7. Offer Categories: Please select a category that will determine where your offer will appear on
  8. Remember to Save.

Any edits or submission of new offers will require approval from the ViCB. Please make sure your special offer is indeed a special offer and provides a tangible value to visitors or it will not be approved.  Upon saving your updates, the VCB will be notified of your changes/adds and will email when the changes are updated/approved.