The Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach BrandPunta Gorda - Englewood Beach Logo

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Building a Brand

The Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach brand is the result of nine months of meticulous research and market study that drove the creation of our logo, tagline and perhaps most importantly, our destination name. Through this research, it was determined that in order to align ourselves with how potential visitors research, discover and experience the area, for tourism marketing purposes, the destination should be identified as, “Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach”.

What’s in a Name

To help cement our destination within a competitive and ever-expanding marketplace, we encourage you to always refer to the area as “Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach”. The name should always be presented as a single unit. In text, forward slashes should be used to separate each subject of the name and hold the name together as a unit. This also allows a clearer use of commas and other punctuation in association with the name. Given that consistency is vitally necessary in branding and name recognition, in all cases, whether in writing or graphically presented, the full name must be used.

Branding Together

Why should you refer to our area as Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach? As a beloved area business, you’re one of the best ways to communicate with potential, current and previous visitors. By ensuring you’re consistently referring to our beautiful community as Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach, you’re helping strengthen our brand. Our brand is how visitors will define us. By referring to our entire community as Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach, you’re instilling a definitive sense of place within the mind of visitors, helping to increase visitation and improve the local economy.

To Know the Logo

The Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach logo is a single mark composed as follows:

  • A unique icon comprised of a stylized sun with five triangle rays, a single leaf shape and an ascending wave element, assembled in close proximity, with a service mark (SM) to the lower right.
  • The destination name – Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach – set in initial cap and small caps letters, center aligned and stacked above one another.
  • All visuals within the mark have a distressed characteristic.

What is Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach’s tagline?

Our Best Side is Outside. We also encourage local businesses, residents and visitors to use the hashtag, #BestSideOutside when posting from the area on social media. Using the hashtag or tagline online and in the real world helps the Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach area further establish its brand.

What does the Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach brand promise?

Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach promises more of and easy access to the primary reason people want to come to Florida – to relax and enjoy Florida – ‘outside.’

What is Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach’s Positioning Statement?

The Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach area is the one Florida destination that provides all the best of Florida’s coveted outdoor activities all in one place.