What is ZimSculpt? 

Zimsculpt Artist Working on a Sculpture at Peace River Botanical & Sculpture GardensZimSculpt is a world-renowned traveling exhibition celebrating modern Zimbabwean stone sculptures. What makes it even more special is that the exhibition only comes to North America once a year, choosing one botanical garden at which to showcase and sell these amazing works of art.

In 2022, the honor was bestowed upon Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens in Punta Gorda. In even more exciting news, the exhibit is set to return to the Gardens in February of 2025, with the exhibition running through May!


Zimsculpt sculpture of an octopus on a rockZimsculpt is based in the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare, and represents an artist collective of roughly one hundred sculptors. Fair trade is valued: all sculptures have been ethically sourced and the artists fairly compensated for their talent.

The sculptures have a striking style that is unique to the Shona tribe of southern Africa. The art is carved from various types of serpentine and semi-precious stone, often weighs tons, and can be as large as seven feet tall.

The 2022 engagement at the Gardens included these exquisite sculptures  displayed throughout the grounds, as well as hundreds of unique sculptures, traditional baskets, and jewelry pieces showcased in the Marketplace tent. 

Not Your Average Art Installation

Zimsculpt Sculpture of a Crane in Front of a Fan Palm at Peace River Botanical & Sculpture GardensZimSculpt is a unique showcase, in that everything in the exhibition is available for purchase, from the largest outdoor sculptures to the smallest trinkets.

In 2022, the event afforded opportunities to meet two of the Zimbabwean sculptors: Passmore Mupindiko and Brighton Layson, who demonstrated their artistry on select days. There were also special theme days and other happenings throughout the run of the exhibition. Chances are, the 2025 iteration will be even bigger!

Don't miss you (second) chance to experience some of the finest contemporary stone sculpture in the world, in one of the most intriguing and beautiful setting imaginable, the Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens.