Celebrate Earth Day—or enjoy a wild trip any time of the year—with an eco-friendly vacation you can feel good about in Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach. As an ecotourism destination, the area is full of parks and preserves, dedicated bike and walking paths, wildlife-filled waterways, and people who work to preserve these natural treasures.

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Activities

There are many protected natural areas in Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach, which means thriving biodiversity in beautiful settings. Closeup of the rare Florida Scrub JayFor example, our area is one of the very few habitats in which rare Florida scrub-jays thrive. And of course, Birding in the area is excellent. 

Other environmentally-friendly activities include eco-tours of all kinds—including guided wading trips and a fun bus ride through four distinct ecosystems—nature hikes, paddling adventures, and so much more. Even better, any eco-tour, whether on land or on the water, is likely to be led by a Florida Master Naturalist who will teach you about the ecosystem while you’re enjoying it.

You can even explore the entirety of Punta Gorda on a free loaner bicycle, the ultimate carbon-neutral transportation option.

State Parks and Preserves

With so many State Parks and Preserves in the area, tranquility and wonder are never far away. Explore all manner of wild nature, from the sandy trails and gentle gulf waves of Stump Pass Beach State Park to the deep green beauty of Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park to the waterful wonders of our 200 miles of Blueway Trails to Charlotte Harbor itself, the second-largest estuary in Florida.


Close up of a yello Dogwood bloomEnvironmental stewardship is the name of the game around here, from our Florida Friendly Fishing Guides to several eco-conservancies and wildlife sanctuaries.

The area is even home to the nation’s first solar-powered town, Babcock Ranch

Learn more about sustainable travel in this blog post: Why Conservation is Important in Florida and How to Have a Sustainable Vacation.

Water Wonderland

Catch a glimpse of our gorgeous waterways in this video:

When you’re looking for enriching, eco-friendly adventures with minimal environmental impact, Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach has your getaway. It’s the perfect destination to celebrate Earth Day—or your love of nature—in a meaningful way. Come on down and stay longer, immerse, and connect with our beautiful outdoors, and each other.

When is Earth Day 2024?

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In 2024, Earth Day is Monday, April 22.

(But we celebrate it every day in Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach.)