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Punta Gorda Sunset

TDC: Research

Research Documents:

2013 - Q2 and Q3 [PPTX]
2014 - Q1 [PPTX]
2014 - Q2 and Q3 [PPTX]
2014 - Q4 [PPTX]
2014 - [EVENT] Snowbird Baseball Classic [PDF]
2015 - Q1 [PPTX]
2015 - Q2 and Q3 & [EVENT] Englewood Waterfest/Racefest [PDF]
2015 - Q4 [PDF]
2016 - Q1 [PDF]
2016 - Q2/Q3 [PDF]
2016 - Q4 [PDF]
2016 - [EVENT] Englewood Beach Waterfest/Racefest [PDF]
2017 - Q1 [PDF]
2017 - Q2/Q3 [PDF] 
2017- Q4 [PDF]
2018 - Q1 [PDF]
2018 - [EVENT] Englewood Beach Waterfest/Racefest [PDF]

Note that the current research contract was initiated in 2014.  The research contract was terminated during the recession.  In 2013, only partial summer research was conducted, therefore much of the 2013 research is only West County (Beaches).  The research was previously provided to the VCB is PowerPoint format, download a free PowerPoint viewer here.  Other research is in PDF format, most devices can view this already, if not download a free PDF viewer here.

Notable events that have generated anomalies:


September - Hurricane Irma - Spike in occupancy/ADR following storm (utility/emergency workers, displaced citizens and/or those without power/water),  Expect lower September 2018 as a result.


June-November - Large red tide bloom - Peak issues in July and August, (was present in high concentrations June-October) resulted in a horrible summer for businesses along the beaches (real) and to a lesser degree inland as media (social, predominantly) portrayed the issue far more widespread than it was (e.g. upper Charlotte Harbor, Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda were largely unaffected).