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Partner Signup

Are you a hotel, vacation rental, attraction, restaurant, retail store or other tourism-related business located in Charlotte County, Florida?

Activate your partnership account and take advantage of the many services the Visitor Bureau has to offer.  There is no charge for most services and by being "in the know" you can take advantage of other opportunities, like press tours, co-op advertising and business to business referrals.

If you already have a listing on the old website, you do not need to create a new account.  Please call (941) 743-1900 and ask to speak to someone about re-activating your account. This is a completely new system, built on new technology, so minimally you would need new photos, but much of the existing listing information is likely intact. This system has far more capabilities than the previous, so once your account is activated, please review your records carefully.  The VCB will be offering training and assistance for new features in the coming months, so be watching for communications about locations and times.


New Partner Business Information

This is the basic information about your business.  This, and additional information can be updated once the account has been activated.

Enter ZIP first to automatically populate City and State

(e.g.: Italian restaurant, 5 bedroom B&B, vacation rental managment company, etc.)

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This is the primary person responsible for this account.  Additional personnel, information and listings can be added to this business AFTER the account has been activated.   

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