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I Want a Vacation!
Boats at Fishermen's Village
In this episode: What does southwest Florida have in common with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, diamond mines in South Africa, solar power and the agriculture and tourism industries? In this episode, the Shark Brothers explore that question and discover the answers in a story spanning more than a century on the Babcock Ranch Preserve in Punta Gorda, Florida. A unique adventure experience offered by Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours takes visitors on a journey through this fascinating history and surrounding ecosystems. As part of the largest land conservation purchase in Florida's history, the Preserve is also the largest state-owned working cattle ranch where modern-day cowboys carry on with the kind of work that's been done for hundreds of years. This rich history of natural and cultural legacies, passed on through generations, is carried forward in America's first solar-powered town where development is balanced with the local environment here on the Charlotte Harbor Gulf Island Coast.
Credit: Shot Locker Productions / Punta Gorda | Englewood Beach VCB