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Adventure and Wildlife hosted by The Shark Brothers - Episode 1 - In this episode: A fishing trip with Capt. Ralph Allen of Kingfisher Fleet, Mangroves and habitat with Capt. Betty Staugler of Florida Sea Grant and a wading adventure with Chris Salmonsen of Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center.
Credit: Shot Locker Productions / Punta Gorda | Englewood Beach VCB
Adventure and Wildlife hosted by The Shark Brothers - Episode 2 - In this episode: Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) with Paige Bakhaus from Hooked on SUP; the Marine Science Lab at Lemon Bay High School; and Stump Pass State Park with Florida state park ranger Chad Lach.
Credit: Shot Locker Productions / Punta Gorda | Englewood Beach VCB
In this episode: Commercial crabbing is a family tradition for the Santini Family. Five generations have pulled crab pots from Florida’s waters to make a living. In this episode, the Shark Brothers, join father and son team, Gene and Nick Santini of Punta Gorda, Florida, as they continue the family’s commercial fishing legacy by harvesting blue crabs and other edible species from the Peace River and Charlotte Harbor. After the catch, the crab's journey is followed to Peace River Seafood, a local restaurant and fish market. Here, the they are either steamed for 13 minutes and served to the restaurant's diners, sold in the onsite seafood market, distributed to other local restaurants and markets or shipped out of state to places like Maryland or California. The episode's Conservation Spotlight Segment features a visit to the Peace River Wildlife Center in Punta Gorda. This non-profit facility is dedicated to the rescue, care, protection and preservation of the area's injured or orphaned native wildlife and public education.
Credit: Shot Locker Productions / Punta Gorda | Englewood Beach VCB
In this episode: What does southwest Florida have in common with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, diamond mines in South Africa, solar power and the agriculture and tourism industries? In this episode, the Shark Brothers explore that question and discover the answers in a story spanning more than a century on the Babcock Ranch Preserve in Punta Gorda, Florida. A unique adventure experience offered by Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours takes visitors on a journey through this fascinating history and surrounding ecosystems. As part of the largest land conservation purchase in Florida's history, the Preserve is also the largest state-owned working cattle ranch where modern-day cowboys carry on with the kind of work that's been done for hundreds of years. This rich history of natural and cultural legacies, passed on through generations, is carried forward in America's first solar-powered town where development is balanced with the local environment here on the Charlotte Harbor Gulf Island Coast.
Credit: Shot Locker Productions / Punta Gorda | Englewood Beach VCB
In this episode of Adventure and Wildlife, hosts Sean and Brooks Paxton join Florida Sea Grant Agent, Betty Staugler who explains the vast, interconnected system of waterways along the Charlotte Harbor Gulf Island Coast, and how the Peace and Myakka Rivers, Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico all play vital roles in the ecology and economy of Charlotte County. The region’s interior landscape is explored in the Conservation Spotlight Segment featuring Worden Farm. Husband and Wife team, Eva & Chris Worden share their how their passions for agriculture and education planted the seeds for a place where locally grown organic vegetables bring the community closer together. Charlotte County’s diverse habitats are alive with wildlife of all shapes and sizes, including some species that might surprise you. Lions, tigers and bears are but a few of the animals that live a peaceful existence at the Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary in Punta Gorda. The Shark Brothers introduce you to some of these amazing animals cared for by Director, Lauri Caron and her staff of dedicated volunteers.