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I Want a Vacation!
Boats at Fishermen's Village

Weather and Climate

The area rises only 5 to 25 feet above sea level, which equates to a sub-tropical climate where temperature in both summer and winter are tempered by the gentle breezes of the Gulf of Mexico.  Mild winters, from January to March, draw many visitors from colder climes.

Winter Wonderland

As the old airline slogan used to proclaim: “When you need it bad, we’ve got it good.” And that’s just what Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands of Florida touts during winter to Midwesterners, New Englanders and Canadians who want to escape the snow and cold.

Punta Gorda is frequently the warmest location in the continental U.S. on any given day from November to February. Over the past three years, Punta Gorda had the highest temperatures on 41 days, beating out more well known destinations like Miami, Naples and even Key Largo (according to National Weather Service statistics).

Usually, when a Florida city is deemed “the warmest,” its high temperature is in the low-to-mid-80s. Yet that can be more than 100 degrees warmer than the nation’s coldest spots as witnessed by sub-zero temperatures sometimes suffered across the northeast and midwest.

Summer Fun

We hear it all the time...  "It's too hot in Florida during the Summer"

Our challenge to this is... compared to where, exactly?  

Our area:
Englewood Beach - June 2015 Mean 84°, Max 91°

Now let's take a look up north:
Chicago - June 2015:  Mean 83°, Max 94°.  94 is greater than 91, right?
New York - June 2015:  Mean 83°, Max 90°.  Ok - 1 degree cooler max temp.  Break out the sweater.
Atlanta - June 2015:  Mean 85°, Max 97°. Hotlanta.  Literally.  Warmer all around.