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Co-Op Advertising

Throughout the year, other opportunities may become available, make SURE you are in our industry mailing list to receive notifications when opportunities become available. Contact the VCB at (941) 743-1900 with any questions.

Note - the signup is "Free"- however, the cost of each run is indicated for each co-op and will be billed at the time of publication. Your hospitality related business must be physically located in Charlotte County to take advantage of co-op pricing.

Sojern Digital Display Co-Op

Logo for Sojern (digital ad company)Sojern is a data-centric platform specializing in traveler path to purchase. With real-time purchase intent information from OTAs, meta-search, airlines, hotels and others, they can place your ad in front of the right eyes at the right time.

Partners can choose any mix of in-market, smart retargeting, keyword contextual target, travel window and more. We're also exploring opportunities for partners (that have real-time pricing data available) utilizing partner ads in sequential messaging dynamically. That is, a user with travel intent is exposed to the brand messaging, then later in his/her planning cycle is pulled further down the funnel with a banner from a partner with a dynamic (real-time) price point. In past co-op partnerships this has proven extremely effective.

Partner Cost:

$1000 per month investment. $5 CPM base rate when as co-op pricing based on the bureau's larger campaign spend. (add $1 CPM for dynamic)

Partner will be billed after issue publishes.


Formatted ad will consist of the following resolution: 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 300x600, 300x50, 320x50. Consultation on creative will be available through the bureau, agency or Sojern. Dynamic ads highly recommend for hotel partners with rates in a standard CRS/GDS.

Adara Digital Display Co-Op

Logo for Adara (digital ad company)Accommodation partner featured in formatted 300 x 250 and 728 x 90 banner ads with click-through. Guaranteed 100,000 impressions over chosen quarter. Real-time targeting as consumers are planning travel. *Need ability to pixel partner booking engines to track.


Available quarterly - April/May/June or July/Aug/Sep

Partner Cost:

$500 per partner per quarter ($5 CPM). Minimum 100,000 impressions. Limit 3 partners per quarter.


Formatted Ad will consist of banners in the following resolutions: 300x250 and 728x90. Consultation on creative will be available through the bureau, agency or Adara.

TripAdvisor Digital Display Co-Op

Logo for Trip AdvisorParticipants receive formatted banner ad within destination content on TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site.  Partner will receive 18,000 impressions + 50% share of voice on Tourism and Destination content for chosen month. Excellent opportunity to raise awareness of your business against a highly qualified target that is planning where to stay, what to do, where to eat, etc. in our area.


Monthly, March – September 2020  

Partner Cost:

$500 per partner, per month. Limit of 2 partners per month.


Creative assets to be delivered will consist of formatted banners in 300 x 600 resolution. Consultation on creative may be available through the bureau, agency or TripAdvisor

Allegiant "Sunseeker" - In flight magazine  2020 Co-Op

Image of cover of Sunseeker Magazine (Allegiant In-Flight Magazine) - Featuring Luna (owl) from Peace River Wildlife CenterIn flight magazine for all east coast Allegiant routes.  With over 40 markets served by the Punta Gorda airport, this is an incredible value. Over 30,000 circulation.

Partner Cost:

1/4 page = $600 per issue,  1/2 page = $1200 per issue  (Compare to 2017 single issue published rates of $2570 1/2 page and $1930 1/4 page). You will be billed after issue publishes.


"Camera Ready" Digital  (PDF / CMYK / 300dpi minimum / No Bleed)
1/2 page: 5.125"w x 5.125"h 
1/4 page: 5.125"w x 2.5"h 

Important Ordering Information:

Reserve 2 Tickets for 1/2 page (5.125"w x 5.125" h) and 1 Ticket for 1/4 page (5.125"w x 2.5"h)


E-Newsletter feature: 2020

Partner ad featured in monthly email marketing program. Partner will receive formatted ad with click-through in monthly “Pure Florida Insider” destination e-newsletter sent to subscribers via new "Act-On" marketing automation platform, plus inclusion in paid, interest based e-blasts sent to potential visitors in VCB target markets.

Theme Schedule:

  • Dec – Nature/Eco Adventure
  • Jan – Water Activities
  • Feb – Spring Training
  • Mar – Fishing
  • Apr – Biking, Hiking
  • May – Family Travel
  • June – Boating
  • July – Family activities
  • Aug – Dining
  • Sep – Affordable Romantic Getaway
Partner Cost:

$200 per co-op partner, limited to one partner per month.

Happenings Arts & Entertainment (SWFL)

Monthly super-regional entertainment/events magazine.  Reach potential visitors in Collier, Lee and Charlotte County.  Awesome outlet to reach people for events and promotions. For the 1/2 page- you must reserve two "tickets"

Partner Cost:

1/4 page (3.5" w x 4.625" h) = $175 per issue.  

1/2 page (7.25" w x 4.625" h) - $350 per issue.

Partner will be billed after issue publishes.


"Camera Ready" Digital
1/4 page (available each month) - 3.5" w x 4.625" h - No bleed - 300dpi minimum
1/2 page (only available Oct-May) - 7.25" w x 4.625" h - No bleed - 300dpi minimum

Destinations Magazine: 2020

Cover of "Destination Magazine" - for example purposes only- picture of beach with boardwalkSuper-regional exclusive in-room magazine in over 109 hotels representing over 12,000 rooms. In hotels in Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Bonita Springs, Sanibel-Captiva, Punta Gorda,and Port Charlotte. Also distributed at regional visitor/welcome centers in Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach Visitor Information Center, Fort Myers Beach Visitor Center, Fort Myers Chamber Visitor Center, Naples Visitor Information Center, Punta Gorda Chamber Visitor Center, and Sanibel-Captiva Visitor Center. This is an excellent outlet for attractions, restaurants and retail businesses.

Verified circulation: 20,000
Verified in-room distribution:16,300
Concierge distribution: 3,100

Four Issues:

  • Winter 2020 - Jan/Feb/Mar
  • Spring 2020 - Apr/May/Jun
  • Summer 2020 - Jul/Aug/Sep
  • Fall 2020 - Oct/Nov/Dec

7 partner content "positions" available.

Two ad sizes available:

  • 1/6 advertorial style ad (article) equates to 1 position. Single 1/6 page column with one photo. 
  • 1/3 advertorial style ad (article) equates to 2 positions. Double 1/6 page columns or single 1/3 page column with two photos.

1 year commitment (4 issues) 

** Dependent on minimum number of participants, if minimum is not met, program will not run.

Partner Cost:

1/6 page - $280 per issue (quarter) x 4 issues = $1120/year
1/3 page - $560 per issue (quarter) x 4 issues = $2240/year


Ad assets (article and photos) will be delivered directly to the publisher. The VCB is not involved in the collateral trafficking for this publication.

Important Notice

Reserve 1 ticket for 1/6 page and 2 tickets for 1/3 page.

Travel & Adventure Show: Chicago 2020

Logo for Travel and Adventure ShowThe VCB will have a presence again at one of the largest travel shows in the U.S., limited partner positions available at the VCB booth. The VCB will cover the primary booth cost.  Show is February 8-9, 2020

Partner Cost:

$200 per partner (person)

Limited to 5 participants. Partner is responsible his/her own travel/hotel.

  • Attendees spend $606 Million annually on travel

  • Yield Market:  85% college+ / $115,870 Average HHI
  • 89% will take 3-9 domestic trips in next 12 months
  • 78% will book through operator / destination they met at show
  • Vacation types:  50% cultural / experiential, 48% active, 39% culinary
  • 7 Allegiant airports cover the area that attendees originate

Villages Travel Expos: 2020

Get in front of a key in-state drive market! The Villages is an extremely active retirement "community" with an estimated population well over Logo for Villages Travel Expo (Stetler Media & Expos) "The Travel Expo"100,000. Between 2010 and 2017, "The Villages" was the fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States.

Two shows:

  • January 14, 2020
  • May 1, 2020
Partner Cost:

$125 per co-op partner, per show.

Space for up to 4 partners per event.