*Updated 4/17/2020

The Wyvern, one of our luxurious local hotels, is making the most of their temporary closure by refurbishing and refreshing all three aspects of their property: Perch 360, 88 Keys Restaurant and Bar, and the hotel itself.

They’ve already expanded the amazing rooftop Perch 360 to create a bit more room and expanded water views, and are deep-cleaning their 88 Keys Restaurant and Bar, while sharing love to other local establishments still offering take out and delivery.

All of this is a great way to utilize “down time,” but our favorite is their new series of posts, “Meet the Team,” which introduces some of their essential employees. Engagement like this is adding a new dimension to their online presence, and we’re already looking forward to more! Visit the Wyvern's Facebook page to enjoy.

*Breaking news: as of Apr. 23, the 88 Keys Restaurant will be offering takeout! Visit their Facebook page to view their menu and ordering instructions.

You, Too?

If you’re a property manager thinking about doing some maintenance and/or repairs yourself during social distancing, this blog post by AppFolio has some great tips and checklists to start you off right.

As always, we’re in this together and we wish everyone the best!