Fishermen’s Village in Punta Gorda is a culinary dream. I recently lead a group of travel journalists throughout the Our visit was relatively short but we were able to fill our bellies with ease. Cheers! We raised a toast with a lovely mango champagne at Sweet Treasures (, a terrific little wine shop featuring award-winning Florida tropical, citrus and berry wines. In addition to tasting different wines at their tasting bar, we enjoyed a few recipes, such as fruit salad with a pineapple wine and meat balls with a nice berry wine sauce. Who knew wine was so versatile? A blaze-orange sunset kicked off our main course at the Village Fish Market ( followed by an amazing feast of fresh seafood which must have just come off the boat. Although our bellies were full, we knew we must savor dessert at Simply Sweet - A Confectionery Cafe (, which was simply divine. Located at the entrance of Fishermen’s Village, the adorable little shop is decked out in hues of pink guaranteed to force a smile on even the grumpiest person. Here, we were “forced” to try to sweet and creamy gelato, Norman Love chocolates and the shop’s homemade fudge and other delightful confections. The café is open for breakfast through lunch, dinner and the most important meal of the day, after dinner dessert.