While historic mural walks were cancelled for this year, the Society is still hard at work preparing for when they resume next season, which will be their 26th! (You may find some inspiration to plan next year’s excursion with this blog post.)

Great progress is being made on their 30th mural and renderings have already been made for the next one.

The current mural, “Pages From Our Library’s Past,” is being created by artist Skip Dyrda on the brand-new Punta Gorda Library building. He’s been able to continue painting as people continue to keep a social distance from the mural wall, and there are a lot of fun progress posts on the Society’s Facebook page. Even more fun, their new YouTube channel has all their videos available for viewing, which is a great way to get excited for when their walks resume. They hope that the mural will be finished and ready for dedication by the time the current situation abates.

Punta Gorda Air Field RenderingTheir next mural project, the Historic Punta Gorda Army Airfield, was approved in February (click the image for a better view). This one was originally painted at the airport in 2002 but was lost 16 years ago during Hurricane Charley, and they’re very excited to finally have a new home for it in Veterans Park.

Their major fundraiser for this project was to be the 2020 Giving Challenge, an online 24-hour giving event that connects nonprofit organizations with passionate donors—every individual donation of $25 to $100 will be doubled by The Patterson Foundation. However, the Society asks, during this critical time for the people in the community, that if you decide to donate during the Giving Challenge, you to look first for those charities that help people. They love their murals, which help educate and make Punta Gorda unique, but they feel that, “…without people, in good health and prosperity to enjoy them, the murals are only paint on a wall.”
If you can donate beyond the current crisis and if you are moved to donate to the Mural Society during the Giving Challenge, they would be very, very grateful.

There's also another great way to support them and your local bookstore! Purchase their “Painting the Town” mural book, created to celebrate their 25th anniversary, at Copperfish Books in Punta Gorda. It’s available for online purchase with free local delivery within 5 miles of Copperfish or $4 shipping (free shipping on orders over $35).

They also continue to share their news and updates via their monthly newsletter. Visit their website to subscribe.

Stay safe everyone!