Vicki Chelf Slicing Carrot Curry QuicheWorden Farm, Punta Gorda's wonderful organic farm, will be holding two culinary workshops on Saturday, March 24, 2012. Learn how to add enzyme and probiotic rich foods to your diet as well as how to prepare 20-minute vegan meals.

Fantastic Fermented Food With our fast-paced lives we can all use pointers on how to eat well. During the Fantastic Fermented Food workshop, presenter Barbara Rendell, M. Ed, will teach participants how to preserve vegetables and enhance their digestibility and nutrients. Adding enzyme and probiotic-rich foods to your diet helps your digestive and immune system. In addition to learning how to turn farm fresh raw veggies into live, super foods, sample some fantastic fermented foods such as sauerkraut, pickled daikon radish, and gingered carrots. Cost: $20 for members and $25 for non-members. Vegan Meals in 20 Minutes I’ll be attending the Vegan Meals in 20 Minutes workshop presented by Vicki Chelf. Last December I attended a vegan workshop by Chelf and was wowed and impressed with how the artist/chef moved through the kitchen and improvised when she needed to. Chelf, who has been writing vegetarian and vegan cookbooks for nearly 30 years, created delicious masterpieces and I can't wait to see what can be prepared in 20 minutes. Don't let the word "vegan" scare you away from attending. Trust me you'll be impressed with what she can do. Cost is $30 for non-farm members, $25 for member. To register for either or both of these, visit or call 941-637-4874. Worden Farm is located at 34900 Bermont Road in Punta Gorda.