In addition to curbside pickup of whiskey and rum, Alligator Bay Distillers has been working tirelessly to source the new products they need to make much-needed hand sanitizer!

A portion of each batch will be donated to first responders and the most vulnerable of the community. The first batch was donated to PGFD. The remainder will be bottled and available for sale to the public at the distillery, $4 for a 4oz bottle, curbside pickup.

Alligator Bay is a small, family-run distillery and this is a non-profit project. To quote them, “We are honored to switch gears to make a product that will keep everyone safer.”

Their curbside hours are 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Saturday, closed Sundays.

Spirits available for curbside pickup:

  • White: (unaged white rum)
  • Sun Gold: (wood chip aged and flavored with black mangroves honey)
  • Dark: (Dark chocolate flavored aged rum)
  • Spiced: (Rum infused with orange peel and spices)
  • Saba Treasure: (Fennel Flavored rum)
  • Gator hooch (unaged white whiskey) mash bill 80% corn 20% barley