What do John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, and the Bush family have in common? They've all fished the bountiful waters of Charlotte Harbor in Southwest Florida!

Often called the "tarpon capital of the world," Charlotte Harbor & the Gulf Islands has worked hard to keep an eco-friendly profile while it continues to attract high-profile guests.

President Theodore Roosevelt stayed in Punta Gorda at the Hotel Charlotte Harbor during the early 1900s. Some believe his 1916 account of landing a 15-foot great white shark is just a fish tale but his 1917 catch of a 16-foot "devil fish" (manta ray) is well documented.

John F. Kennedy fished the waters surrounding Gasparilla Island, while more recently, Presidents George H. and George W. Bush vacation on the island with their families the week between Christmas and New Year's, enjoying the fishing, golfing and natural amenities of the destination.

Plan your own fishing adventure with one of our knowledgeable guides. Although Hotel Charlotte Harbor is no longer around (although it is memorialized in a mural in downtown Punta Gorda) we offer a host of accommodations to fit everyone's style from downtown to beachfront.

Edited 2/13/2020