Typical Day at Gasparilla Marina, Placida, Fla. The following is a guest post by Mr. Chip Futch, Marketing Coordinator for the Charlotte Harbor Visitor & Convention Bureau, as he shares a typical February day.  As my friends that live in the North post pictures of their cars locked in a snowdrift, my 4 year old puts on her life vest because, like most weekends, it's time to hit the water. Having lived in other climates during my life, this February day reminds me why I'm glad I'm back on the Gulf in Florida. We pull the boat away from the dock around noon, head down the Gasparilla Marina channel in Placida, turn north-west under the Gasparilla Island toll bridge, and work our way over to Little Gasparilla Island. We aren't the only ones who've braved this miserable (sarcasm intended) 76 degree weather. A dozen other boats are pulled up to the beach and sand bar, and one of the other guys on the water near us shrugs and passes on a greeting, "I couldn't wait until spring…" My thoughts exactly. In fact, why did he think he needed to wait? The bay water is not even remotely cold. The kids bounce in without a second thought. They may not appreciate it now, but when they're my age, I hope they'll wax nostalgia. I sit in the boat for a few minutes and make sure the anchor is holding and we're not going to drift, checking my email quickly and responding to a business associate from Indianapolis. "Sorry for the delay in responding," he writes, "we had another ice storm last night and it took me a few hours to get to work." I don't want to be the guy (yeah… maybe I do) who constantly brags about his living conditions… but I can't help snapping a quick picture to send him of the still growing group of boats and people enjoying the sun and crystal clear water on a typical winter day in Charlotte Harbor.