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Beach Getaway

Beach Getaway

A Beach Getaway for Every Interest


Beach Getaway

Shiny, black and triangle-shaped, fossilized shark teeth are favorite finds of beach-walkers.  The fossils and seashells are found in abundance on the shores of Englewood, Don Pedro Island, Knight Island, Little Gasparilla Island and Stump Pass beaches.  A stroll down to Stump Pass brings you to large pieces of driftwood that are almost sculptural in appearance.  It is said if you place a shell (find one with a hole) on the branch of a stump and make a wish, it will come true.  Let us know if yours does!

Those longing for a more Zen-like experience can take a passenger ferry to Don Pedro Island State Park where it feels a world away from the cares of everyday life. On any day, you will likely encounter few other people on the beach.  Kayak to the island and yours might be the only footprints in the sand. Although secluded, the island offers restrooms, a covered picnic area, outdoor showers and grills.  

Sometimes you just need to go where nobody knows your name and “quiet” is the word of the day.  Little Gasparilla or Knight Island, where golf carts rule the road and arrival is only by water, are your perfect fit.   Little Gasparilla is a shell collector’s haven.  The white sand beaches are never crowded and lead to blue-green waters where you will often see dolphins frolic.

Knight Island is just a stone’s throw from the mainland but feels a world apart.  Set on a beautiful, broad expanse of beach, the island offers both private home and condo rentals. Palm Island Resort at the northern tip of the island has planned activities for children and adults.



Some accommodation and dining options near the beaches: