Although the goal is to include every tourism-related activity, staffing and the sheer volume of events no longer allows the VCB staff to search 100+ websites each week.

As of June 1, 2016, each event organizer will be responsible for entering his or her own event.

To ensure that your tourism-related events continue to be included in the weekly Happenings, click this link to add your events to the Charlotte Harbor Travel website. Note: Submissions to Weekly Happenings must be tourist-related; events which are for the primary purpose of promoting non-tourism-related businesses and which do not have a tourism-related component, e.g.: festival, concert, exposition, art exhibit, etc. will not be accepted. 

To reach the widest audience once you've added your event to the website:

1.   Keep a supply of the (forthcoming) Happenings business cards on hand.

2.   Link to the Happenings from your business website/s:

3.   Print copies to hand out to your guests by clicking the image box to access the printable PDF

Questions? Call the VCB at 941.746.1900 or email or