Reporter: Ted Stehle

"Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company will commence dredging operations with the Dredge COMMODORE in Stump Pass approximately March 1, 2017 until approximately May 15, 2017. Submerged pipeline will be placed in two areas within Stump Pass Inlet February 24, 2017 and will be marked via Yellow Steel Can Buoys with Flashing Yellow Lights & Orange Norwegian Buoys. This pipeline will run up and onto the beaches where there will be beach filling operations. Marine traffic through the inlet will still be possible during dedging operations; boaters must be cautious and maintain radio contact as we will only dredge one side of the channel at a time. Fill placement operations will be on the southern end of Manasota Key, "Updrift Beach" and "North Beach" of Thornton Key. There will also be approximately 750 feet of floating pipe connecting to Dredge COMMODORE. Operations will run 24/7. The dredge can be reached on marine VHF channels 13, 16 and 72. See enclosure section for map overview. Furhter information contact Project Engineer, Wes Perry at (630) 207-3999, or Operations Manager Christopher Faught at (630) 632-2335,"

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