If you are an owner or manager of a business, particularly one that caters to tourists, you know the real value of exceptional employees.  They have a positive impact on your entire team.  They increase the positive perception of your product or service.  They enhance your bottom line. 

This year we are asking you to help us recognize our destination’s STAR performers at an event in their honor.  Hotels, restaurants, attractions and tourism services will choose their front or back of the house employees who consistently do their jobs at a level that exceeds expectations. You'll receive selection forms shortly.

Each STAR award recipient will see their name and the name of their employer on the large screen during a dinner on December 12 at the Charlotte Harbor Event Center and each will receive the 2017 Star award trophy as a personal remembrance of the evening. 

We encourage you to select your top three performers and accompany them to the 2017 STAR awards.  Sponsoring a guest for each employee is entirely at your discretion.