Courtesy Sea Grape Gallery

Sea Grape Gallery’s Artists of Months for July-August 2018

For the months of July and August Sea Grape Gallery will be featuring two of their artists, Keith Johnson, watercolor artist, and Bonnie Benande, potter.

Keith Johnson has been a working artist most of his life.  He lived in Minnesota where he had a successful photography business.  However, after 30 years he decided to move to Florida and shift his artistic abilities from photography to watercolor painting.  Due to the warm Florida climate, Keith does much of his painting plein air during the morning hours.  Keith explains that “I paint watercolors because I like the way water and paint blend to depict images on paper whether it is a spot of light on a building or a brush-stroke of wet into wet color”. He is a member of the Florida Watercolor Society and the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society.  His paintings are in collections throughout the country.    

Bonnie Benande always enjoyed seeing and purchasing pottery.  While living in North Carolina and being surrounded by many talented pottery artists, she decided to focus her own creative abilities on the art of making pottery.  However, a busy corporate career kept her from spending as much time as she would have liked on producing her art form.  Upon retiring to beautiful Punta Gorda, Florida in 2001, she began pursuing her love of pottery by taking classes with several local potters.  Inspired by the sea life and flora and fauna of Florida, she often incorporates objects in her stoneware pottery such as turtles, dragon flies, and shells. Bonnie works on the potter’s wheel but truly enjoys creating unusual hand-built designs using clay slabs.  Each piece of her pottery is created to be both functional and decorative.    

Many of Keith’s paintings and Bonnie’s pottery are prominently on display at the Sea Grape Gallery. In addition, more of their art and the artworks of all Sea Grape artists can be viewed at

Sea Grape Gallery is celebrating their 30-year Anniversary in 2018.  The Gallery has been awarded the Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce’s Special Recognition Award and has consistently won the Charlotte Sun Newspaper’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Art Gallery.  Come visit the Gallery and its many talented award-winning artists who are on hand to welcome and assist visitors.

Sea Grape Gallery is located at 113 W. Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda and can be reached at 941-575-1718.  The Gallery is always open until 8 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month for “Alive After 5.”


Contact:  Bonnie Benande:  941-575-9752 or 

Sea Grape Artists Gallery:  941-575-1718