Tracing the branches of a family tree may lead to a dead end or if you’re lucky, an adventure. For Heidi Choiniere, Gift Shop Manager at Babcock Ranch Eco Tours, a leaf hint revealed her great-grandfather was in prison. Upon more research, she learned about her bootlegging great-grandfather and decided to ditch her life in the corporate world to work in the wilds of Florida.

Heidi’s adventurous story is featured in Ancestry’s marketing campaign which is centered on inspiring, illuminating stories from Ancestry customers who all shared how the discovery of their past inspired them to take action in their lives.

These authentic stories helped tell the story of how the past has the power to re-shape the way we see ourselves in the present and to influence the actions we take today and tomorrow. Ancestry routinely reaches out to the community for inspiring stories or discoveries they are willing to share – and the customers featured in the campaign all shared their personal Ancestry experience uncovered through their DNA and/or family tree.

“At Ancestry, we are continually looking for ways and stories to unlock our past to inspire our future. Heidi’s journey through her Ancestry family tree has allowed her to embrace a new lifestyle while staying true to her family roots. We hope Heidi’s story inspires others on their own path to discovery,” said an Ancestry spokesperson.

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