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The Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center (CHEC) is pleased to offer the program “Mysteries of Migration” by Florida Master Naturalist Kate Borduas at 10 AM on Wednesday, October 18 at Bayshore Live Oak Park in Port Charlotte. 

What is Migration?  Which species Migrate? Why do they migrate? And just how do they migrate? European eels, for example, travel thousands of miles arriving with pin-point accuracy at a destination they have never been. Monarch butterflies make a multi-generational round trip each year. Birds weighing only few grams can fly thousands of miles over open ocean.  Arctic Terns have an annual round trip migration of 25,000 miles. 

Kate will focus on the fall and spring migration of birds that we see here in Florida and she will explain how and why birds are able to make these epic journeys.

This program is presented by Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center.  Bayshore Live Oak Park is a Charlotte County facility.  For information and/registration for this FREE program, call 941-475-0769.


Bobbi Rodgers

Resource Manager

Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center

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