Courtesy Lynne Ziegler

Auditions for Sex Please, We’re Sixty, drected by Jessie Reter-Choate are Sunday, Feb 17 and Monday, Feb. 18 at 7 pm at Charlotte Players, 1182 Market Circle, Port Charlotte.

Director is looking for 4 women and 2 men see characterization below:

Character Requirements:

BUD DAVIS:  Age range:  65-80:  Weak and frail looking:  appears at first glance to have one foot in the grave:  HOWEVER, this is indeed just in the look:   this character requires physical comedy;  the character considers himself to be the reason female guests return year after year to Rose Cottage B & B.  Chauvinistic, brazen, but likeable.

MRS STANCLIFFE:  Age range:  60+:  Severe in dress and manner:  Precise in speech and punctuality:  efficient and competent:  Sensible, practical, punctual, business-like, menopausal woman who blooms into a radiant and sensuous woman.

HENRY MITCHELL: Age range:  60+:  Mild mannered man who is in love with Mrs. Stancliffe:  Always the perfect gentleman; he  has a great deal of respect for all women.  Moral, gentle, caring, thoughtful, and loveable:  Character requires physical comedy ability.

VICTORIA AMBROSE:  Age range:  50+:  Author of steamy romantic novels:  pretty, serious, intelligent, and also menopausal.

HILLARY HUDSON:  Age range:  50+:  Beautiful, well educated, articulate, and sophisticated.  Elegant, charming, “A touch of class” about her and also menopausal.

CHARMAINE BEAUREGARD:  Age range 50+:  Quintessential southern belle.  Therefore this actress must be able to do southern accent.  She has an overactive libido.  Voluptuous, out-going, flirty, and of course menopausal.

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Lynne Ziegler

Charlotte Players

1182 Market Circle

Port Charlotte, FL  33953