The cold front and northwest winds over the weekend moved the tarpon off the beaches and into deeper water. The water clarity on the beaches is not very good but will improve. Clarity in the sounds and backcountry is excellent.


Watch for pods of tarpon a mile or more off the beaches early in the week. Use your fishfinder to locate schools staged at 10-15 feet. Drift over them using lures, flies and live bait.

This Week's Fly fishing tip:

Offshore tarpon will be in much deeper water. Switch to weighted flies and sinking lines.

This Week's Spin fishing tip:

Drift bait over schools of suspended tarpon. Soft plastics on jigheads will work too.

7 day outlook:

The tarpon will return to the beaches and the passes as the water clears and the swells subside. Most of the snook are now staged in the sounds. The reds and smaller snook are still in the back country. We'll have great tides all week with light winds.

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