Courtesy Ellen Vercruysse, Managing Director, The Charlotte Chorale

The Charlotte Chorale is very proud to welcome eight new voices to its lineup! 

Charlotte ChoraleFrom left to right:

Heather Baker, Mike Mumma, Marjorie Rupert, Heidi Beaudine, Linda Johnson, Dodie Reineck, Susan O’Brien, Monica Babcock.

These new singers will make the Chorale’s March 3, 2018 concert:  “Gabrieli to Gershwin”, even more wonderful.  This new addition will bring the total number of performers to 80+.

The concert on Saturday, March 3, will be held at the Charlotte Performing Art Center, 701 Carmalita Street, Punta Gorda, at 4:00PM.

The Chorale will be accompanied by a professional orchestra, to enhance the vocal performance.

To order tickets, please call:  941.204.0033.