Chameleon Global recently launched and is seeking hotels, local transportation companies, and activities (boat tours, kayak outfitters, golf courses etc.) to be added into its system.

Co-founded by Joseph Walker, who represents the Charlotte Harbor Visitor & Convention Bureau in Brazil, Chameleon Global is a global marketplace that is free to use for approved travel professionals across the globe. This unique consortium has more than 200,000 products and services inside, including connections with GTA, Hotelbeds, Travco, Tourico, Walker Travel Group Italy and France (WTG), and hundreds of local or regional receptive operators as well.

Accommodations will be able to book local attractions through this system, which will enhance customer service. Chameleon also has the capability to streamline the packaging process, which is still popular with consumers.

By placing your product (whether hotel rates, tour rates, etc.) with Chameleon Global, your business will be visible and available to international and domestic travel professionals seeking Southwest Florida services and amenities for their clients.

If you're interested in learning more, contact Jennifer Huber with the Charlotte Harbor Visitor & Convention Bureau at