• There is still space available in Happenings SWFL magazine through September.  For all currently-available advertising co-ops, visit
• If you have a tourism-related business, we want your brochures! The VCB has a dedicated brochure room, and we want to showcase your tourism-related attraction. Please contact or with questions, or drop them by: 1700 Tamiami Tr., Unit G2, right next to Perkins.

Use of Logos on Our Website
• Regarding your listing on our website: although we have allowed them, we have tried to discourage the use of logos, event flyers, and images with text in favor of “experiential” images because research shows that an image (or video) holds more attraction for a potential visitor and we want you to get the clicks! Our goal is to present an engaging and inspiring site that is consistent in look and feel, and great images help us do that. Now that we have sufficient staff, we’ll be reviewing the site and working to replace all logos and flyers with images that represent what a visitor can expect to experience at your events, attractions, and locations, or which give the visitor a feel for your business. If your listing or event utilizes a logo or flyer, we will work with you to get replacement images up. If you want to get a jump on the process and have images you’d like to use, please contact or

Partner Education: Becoming a Partner
Your free partnership account gives you access to the many services the Visitor and Convention Bureau has to offer, including a free listing on our website, free event submissions, possible inclusion in our Social Media posts and videos, exposure to many other markets through our advertising, and more. There is no charge for most services and by being "in the know" you can take advantage of other opportunities, like press tours, co-op advertising and business-to-business referrals.

Click here to sign up as a partner. Once your account is approved, you’ll receive an email from us with a link to our Extranet and a temporary password. Once you’re in, change your password, then begin building your listing or submitting your events under the “Collateral” tab. Contact if you need any help.

Please be aware that we will no longer accept business logos, event flyers, or images with text on our website (see Use of Logos on Our Website, above). We encourage the use of great photos that capture the experience of PG/EB.