Can a billion clams result in a healthier Charlotte Harbor? Local clam farmers and some scientists and researchers think so. Bivalve shellfish, including clams, filter the water and consume algae, including K. brevis, commonly known as red tide. A single clam can filter 5 gallons of seawater a day.

The Southwest Florida Shellfish Association has come up with a three-year plan which addresses minimizing red tide and keeping clam farmers working during red tide. In the 20th century, millions of clams were harvested from Charlotte Harbor without a plan to monitor the population or restock them. The ABC Plan (A Billion Clams) aims to restore clams in Charlotte Harbor which is beneficial for the Charlotte Harbor environment and economy.

This plan is outlined on the website and currently needs a funding source. Take a look at the program and feel free to share with those interested in protecting the local environment and economy.